My practice centres on movement, related to the transition, by in large, of people throughout surrounding environments. The duality here is that no one individual is not influenced by, and equally separated from affecting their environment – and the objects & people within.

The core, painting element blends imaginary and real-world subject matter to form possibilities of other dimensions, thought and opportunity – often within meteorological, seasonal, and natural cycles. This focus is often reflected in my process of sparingly applying and reapplying paint. The results are ultimately quick projections, or mirages of a future. In more recent months I’ve returned to looking closely at bi-products – technically the waste of our process towards creativity, which is symbolic in representing the simple act of ‘going from A-B’. I utilise leftover, disposable objects or re-imagined ‘vessels’ as building blocks to construct new representations of the process impact (both personal and environmental) of creativity. The underlying constants here are also the emotional connection, or ‘emotional agency’ behind making decisions and subsequently the process of change.