RESET: Studio to collector sale

Commencing from the end of March 2020, this sale is an attempt to place select works made within the last six years, in a new collector’s home. All sales generate necessary lifelines to enable new work and projects, whilst crucially help sustaining my practice. A mixture of drawings, small works and paintings will be added each week. 

All pieces displayed below are embedded with numbers and specifications, so if you’re interested, please take the following steps:

• Choose your artwork/s

• Click a “Reserve an Artwork” button through to the ‘Contact’ page

• In the message, include “Reset” in the subject line and the number of the work/s OR the title, in the message body.

• Hit send!

The studio will reply immediately with confirmation, followed by payment and shipping confirmation and will answer any additional questions. 

All payments are via paypal or bank transfer. 

Free P&P included in all final prices. You can also request further images.

Thank you and stay healthy

Works on paper:

£200 each
Inclusive of P&P 
Signed and dated on reverse 

Further works to be added soon!