Palette works: Solutions for the 21st Century

Constructed from used artist studio palettes (repurposed from empty DVD cases) in this layered work – Summers explores the cycle of our internal vs external environments and the associated objects within. The piece, in this instance is comprised of 20 palettes or relics of the studio process. Through the natural drying process, the palettes retain an “antiquitous” quality and now numerous in the artist’s studio – have become a collection of living, breathing reference maps for finished paintings, whilst taking on a life of their own.

The story of the palettes is purely accidental – born out of a temporary shortage for a vessel to mix paint. Salvaged from a Soho production company, a box of the empty plastic dvd/ cd cases sat unused for a year in my studio until necessity called. Now in the hundreds and ordered in bulk by default – these building blocks have morphed, both singularly and collectively into a layered a kind of commentary on our relationship to waste, recycling and specifically plastic. The dual meaning is the connection to process, time and the trial vs error nature of art production – much of which is hidden from the presentation end of art. There are references here to environment, sustainability, well-being and lifestyle. Whether experienced for pure aesthetics (the way this piece shifts dramatically with the light) or at a more introspective level.

More of this series on the way….