Artist Statement

My works are fundamentally about social movement, related to transition throughout surrounding environments. The duality here, and belief, is that no one individual is not affected by, and equally separated from affecting their environment – and the objects & people within. The core, painting element of my work looks at the idea of ‘Procession’, blending imaginary and real worlds to create possibilities of other dimensions, thought and opportunity often within meteorological and natural cycles.

In more recent months my practice has turned to look more closely at bi-products – technically the waste of our process towards creativity, which also is metaphorical in representing the simple act of ‘going from A-B’ and ‘procession’. I utilize leftover DVD cases as palettes to mix paint and in turn, find a way of using these ‘vessels’ to construct new representations of process impact (both personal and environmental) of creativity. The related constants here are also the emotional connection, or ‘emotional agency’ behind making decisions and subsequently change, towards progressing through life’s movie.