Art Around the Child/ Senya Beraku

On November 9, 2017 by Studio

“Hearts of Akomase 1&2” – Art Around the Child/ Home is Where the Heart is – Exhibition and Auction 2017.

These unique participatory works were made to explore painting’s collaborative power and interconnectivity. After being invited to take part in the Arms Around The Child auction, I travelled to the coastal town of Senya Beraku in Ghana, home of Arms Around the Child’s Ghana based project.

“Using a material light approach, the painting was constructed on the floor using canvas, acrylic paint and the bright copper pigmented sand surrounding the foundation. The main figurative elements were each painted by the resident young people and children at the foundation, with guidance from Ben Summers – drawing inspiration from surroundings and specifically, a series of painted tree stumps incorporated into the permanent exterior design of the foundation building. The individual interpretations, in all cases have morphed into highly individualised forms both in colour and composition – reflecting the unrivalled creative potential and personalities of the young artists

The canvases have now travelled around 8,500 miles before being mounted & framed to preserve their antiquitous quality. Having sketched and documented the people during the visit, Summer’s own imprint on the works appear in the form of painted cutouts. These act as both physical representations and memorials of the people and environment, whilst adding depth and enhancing the physical aesthetic of the composition”

The works were auctioned successfully as part of the final ‘Home is where the Heart is’ exhibition and auction in November of 2017. Curated by Lee Sharrock with support from Isis Phoenix Arts.