African Street Style Festival – 2016

On August 3, 2016 by Studio

This year at the 2016 African Street Style Festival, I was invited to take part as a participating artist. I set out to begin a piece that encouraged direct engagement with the act of painting, unrelated to producing a finished time-bound artwork but integral to it’s process.

The afternoon was Inspired by the rich aesthetics of the programme of musicians, designers and artists. Including none other than Hassan Hajjaj, Samson Soboye and Sons Of Kemet and Africa’s definitive influence on all creative art forms. It was also a chance to see the marks made my peoples hands become fossilised statements of our collective identity. The results were from five hours of combined production. The piece is being continued over the coming days in the studio and exhibited later this year.

Photographs in landscape (No.5 – No.15) by Freethought